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Cascade FC, the US women’s football team, is aiming for the World Masters in Cleveland, USA


Summer rain lashes the football pitches of Kauppi Sport Park, but the athletes themselves barely notice the capricious conditions. A mutually supportive atmosphere is buzzing around the green and the women’s football teams FC Kanarinalinnut from Finland and Cascade FC from USA, who have come to the EMG event, were in a real battle for supremacy. The communication between the teams was palpable, with goals being scored on both sides. The match ended in favour of the American team with a score of 2-3 in the 40+ age group, while FC Kanarianlinnut won their 30+ category.

– We came thousands of miles to fight for the gold medal and here it is, we are happy, say the new gold medallists of the women’s football team Cascade.

The footballers plan to celebrate the medal in their home country, but their long-term training will continue as soon as they return home, with their sights set on the Pan-American World Masters Games in Cleveland in the summer of 2024.

– We’re going to play the World Masters in Cleveland next summer, so training will continue from here as soon as we get back home.

The American women are grateful to be in Finland for the first time, although there could have been a few more teams in women’s football.

– The tiny EMG2023 organisation has done a great job in organising the event, and Tampere has treated them well. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of sunlight almost all night,” summed up the American players.

Cascade FC from USA (C) Ida Seluska

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