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Ahlmanin kartano: single room95€/ vrk
Ahlmanin kartano: double room110€/ vrk
Ahlmanin kartano: triple room135€/ vrk
Ahlmanin asuntola Annala: single room95€/ vrk
Ahlmanin asuntola Annala: double room110€/ vrk
Ahlmanin asuntola Väinölä: double room90€/vrk

Ahlman’s Manor

Hallilantie 24, 33820 Tampere

Enjoy the peace of nature a little longer and stay the night. We have accommodations for guests staying longer than one-night guests. You can stay with us in a charming, historic Manor. The manor’s rooms take their residents on a journey through time.

In an atmospheric situation, you can curl up under a blanket accompanied by ghost stories or sit by the window admiring over a hundred-year-old apple trees.

Ahlman’s Manor has not always been a manor. From the beginning, the building used to be the canteen of the rural school, accommodation and teaching facilities. When the wonderful setting later had to be renamed, Kartano was the clear choice due to the building’s cool appearance. The mansion does not have its own shower or toilet, but in the hallway.


Here are the Booking Terms and Conditions regarding accommodation: Read here.

Accommodation reservations/inquiries can be made to the address

Payment for the rooms is made on the spot upon arrival.

You have the right to cancel the reservation free of charge and get the reservation fee back if the reason for the cancellation is your own or a loved one’s serious illness, serious accident, death or other unexpected and serious event. A spouse, child, parent, parent-in-law, sibling, grandparent or travel partner with whom accommodation has been arranged in the same room is considered close.

To prove the reason for the cancellation, you need a reliable document such as a medical certificate. However, Ahlmani Kartano has the right to deduct office expenses (€100) from the refundable amount.

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