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Archer Ru Barlow entered the air rifle competition on a whim – finished third place


Ru Barlow, who came from Great Britain to compete in field archery at the European Masters Games, performed a stunning feat of shooting in his first air rifle competition. After a few test shots, the man entered the competition and finished third.

With his archery background, the sport of shooting seemed a natural choice.

– After my own competition, I came here to TESC to learn more about the sport. I expressed my interest in the sport to the competition organiser Lasse Schauman and he showed me the guns and let me shoot a couple of test shots, after which Schauman suggested that there was one cancellation place in the competition if I wanted to participate. Apparently I convinced him with my skills,” laughs Barlow.

Barlow said his goal is to participate in the Pan-American Masters Games in Cleveland not only in archery but also in shooting and will now continue to train air rifle as a target alongside archery.

– Despite being a challenging sport and even an olympic event, Ru’s performance proves air rifle is a sport befitting anyone, says competitor organiser Lasse Schauman.

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