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Athletics and marathons gives you power


Tampere Pyrintö is one of the largest and oldest clubs in Finland. Among the most famous sports of the 2500-member club is athletics.

Pyrintö’s athletics has been included in the club’s sport spectrum since the early 1900s. Pyrintö has risen several Olympic medalists in the club’s history and the latest success comes from just over a month ago, the European championship of hurdler Reetta Hurske.

Athletics Reetta Hurske
Reetta Hurske, European Champion

Other well-known track and field athletes of the moment include hurdler Lotta Harala, fighters Saga Vanninen, Maria Huntington and Miia Sillman, high jumpers Ella Junnila and Daniel Kosonen, pole vaulter Urho Kujanpää and discus thrower Salla Sipponen.

The previous World Championship medal was brought to Pyrintö 2005 by long jumper Tommi Evilä.

Pyrinnö has experience in organizing large competitions

Pyrintö offers a comprehensive athlete’s path in athletics, from children’s sports schools through youth racing and hobby activities to adult racing and elite sports, not forgetting extensive fitness exercise.
In addition to its basic activities, the club is known for organizing various national and international sporting events of various sizes. In recent years, several international sporting events have been organized in good cooperation between Pyrintö and the City of Tampere, such as the Sweden match in athletics three times, the U20 World Championships, the U23 European Championships, the WMA World Championships and in the future, etc. The next joint event will be the U20 European Championships in 2025.

None of the above would be possible without a large group of volunteers. It is definitely one of the mainstays of Pyrintö athletics.

TU-38 offers a best chance to atmosphere to run

A half marathon, as the name implies, is half a marathon, exactly 21.0975 kilometers. Figuring it through already requires more practice and planning than shorter distances, but it doesn’t take as long to recover from its load as it does from a full marathon. For this reason, in the 2000s, the half marathon has been the most growing running race in terms of the number of participants.

TU-38 will organize a half maraton and road race walk in EMG2023.


Surrounded by lakes, Tampere offers excellent opportunities to organize a half marathon in the middle of the city on a route that runs most of the way right next to the beach. On the route, you can see the history of the city’s industry in the form of numerous former factory buildings, as well as other architectural landmarks from Näsinneula to the artificial island of the Tampella area. The start and finish take place in the immediate vicinity of the Ratina stadium. The route crosses the Laukonsilta bridge towards Särkänniemi, walks through the Naistenlahti harbour in Rauhaniemi and returns to Ratina to continue to the southern Hatanpää arboretum tour. The most beautiful park landscapes in Tampere have been collected along this run.

Welcome to enjoy the atmosphere of summery Tampere!

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