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Beach Volley offers a unique EMG venue at Pyynikki beach


Beach Volley Tampere (BVT) was founded in 2004 to meet the needs of the beach volley aficionados in Tampere. At the time, there were no clubs in the city specifically dedicated to beach volley, so a group of enthusiastic amateur players started BVT. The club has been actively organising events and activities since summer 2005 and continuously working on making Pyynikki beach a first-class beach volley arena. Today, Pyynikki beach is the venue to play at for all beach volley enthusiasts!

Santeri Sirén, one of the current top players in Finland, made his first beach volleyball hits and serves at Pyynikki. As a junior, Santeri was an enthusiastic player in the women’s weekly Pyynikki games. Eventually, he got a little bit too good and the women subtly suggested he should move into the men’s weekly games. There, Santeri’s talent quickly started evolving, and at a fairly young, age he decided to pursue a professional beach volleyball career. A journey that had once started at Pyynikki beach continued towards the international arenas.

The EMG 2023 beach volley tournament takes place in the breathtaking Pyynikki beach scenery. A total of 14 fields will be set up on the beach, making it possible to have the whole event in one place and not scattered around the city in several different venues. The sand is as soft as silk, Lake Pyhäjärvi offers a great chance for a cooling dip right next to the Games venue and the Pyynikki beach cafe services will make sure players and audience alike stay refreshed and energised throughout the Games.

Beach Volley Tampere welcomes all players to join us at an unforgettable EMG 2023 tournament in Tampere! As a club, we are working hard to give the players everything needed to enjoy this great game amidst the magnificent Tampere nature. See you at Pyynikki in July 2023!

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