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Canoe Sprint – one of the most physically demanding endurance sports


Kaukajärvi Rowing and Canoeing Centre serves as a competition venue for canoe sprint. Lake Kaukajärvi is one of Tampere’s 160 lakes. The lake is 3.2 kilometers long, 950 meters wide and has an area of 143 hectares. The average depth of Lake Kaukajärvi is 12 meters and there is a 22-meter basin in the middle. The shores are steep, especially on the south side of the lake. What makes Kaukajärvi unique is that the lake is spring-based and has clear water.

The arrangements for EMG23 canoe sprint are in cooperation with Pirkka-Melojat ry and Tampereen Vihuri ry. Canoeing has been practiced in the Tampere region for over 70 years. The organizing paddling clubs were founded in the 1940s. The rowing and canoeing centre was built in Kaukajärvi in the early 70s. It is one of the best natural tracks in the world. The stadium has six lanes for rowers and nine for paddlers. The length of the track is 2000 meters. Training conditions are usually good, as the lake is quite sheltered. During the event, we compete in different distances of track paddling in single, double and quadruple starts.

The stadium’s track and timing equipment as well as other structures are of a level suitable for international competitions. The latest investment is automatic starting racks, which enable high-quality race organization. Several international competitions have been organized in Kaukajärvi. The canoe sprint world championships were held there in 1983 and the rowing world championships in 1995.

Canoe sprint is one of the most physically demanding endurance sports, where the resistance of the water places great demands on the endurance and strength properties of the upper body. The sport requires hard year-round training, endurance, speed, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, and good coordination and balance.

We welcome all paddlers to the Kaukajärvi Rowing and Canoeing Centre, see you next summer in Tampere!

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