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Environment and sustainability

The principles of sustainable development of Tampere City

EMG2023 is committed to act responsibly and follow the principles of sustainable development of Tampere City. We are co-working with Tampere to reach its goal to get carbon neutral by the year 2030. By our choices and actions we are minimizing the negative influence that the event causes on the environment. The main goals are to strengthen all positive impacts in the social, financial and cultural fields.

In practise this means for example:

  • Tap water is drinkable everywhere in Finland. It is safe to fill up your own bottle. Every participant has recieved own bottle in their welcome bag.
  • Public transport is included in the participation fee and venues are accessible by bus or tram.
  • Existing venues and facilities are utilized.
  • Cooperation eg. with local clubs and other stakeholders has improved the social impact in the area.
  • Subcontractors have been chosen taking into account their responsibility programs and commitment to sustainability.
  • We recycle cardboard and plastic waste from product deliveries.
  • We have added carbage can’s to venues and Event square.
  • Accessibility
    • Digitally, website has accessibility tool, language and the structure is clear and ease of use.
    • Financially, everyone is equally welcome to participate. The public has free access to the events.
    • Socially, open and safe atmosphere for diversity

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