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1. Do I need to be a professional athlete to compete? 

The event is for all masters athletes, from amateurs to top athletes.


2. Am I insured by the event organiser? 

Please, make sure you’re covered by your own insurance in the sports events. The organiser does not provide an insurance for the athletes during the EMG2023. 


3. Am I eligible to compete in the European Masters Games, even if I’m not from Europe? 

Athletes from anywhere in the world are eligible to compete in European Masters Games. The event is organised different European cities, where you have the chance to get to learn about new cultures, compete in your favourite sports and connect with like-minded sports lovers. 


4. How are the age groups decided?

Sports clubs, who are in charge of organising the events, also decide the age groups in their specific discipline. Decisions are based on age groups in previous EMG events, sports venues in the upcoming event and the projected number of participants in an age group. 

Athletes choose their age group based on their age. However, they must reach the minimum age of the group they want to compete in by 31.12.2023 – excluding athletics and squash in which the participant must be of the minimum age by the first day of competition. 

Example 1: Maria is 34 years old and turns 35 on Aug 1st, 2023. She wants to compete in judo and athletics in the 35 years age group in the EMG2023. She will be eligible in judo, as she turns 35 in the same year the EMG2023 takes place. But Maria is ineligible in athletics, because her birthday is in August, only after the EMG2023 which takes place in June-July. In athletics, you must be of the minimum age of your group by the first day of competition.

Example 2: Mathias is a swimmer, 29 years old, and turns 30 during the EMG2023. He will compete in the 30-34 years age group.


5. What are my options for health care in Tampere/Finland?  

In case of an unexpected health issue during your EMG2023 trip, there’s no need to worry. In Finland, you can easily use the public health services, if you have the European Health Insurance Card or an equivalent certificate. Tampere also offers great options in private healthcare. 

Read more! 


6. Commuting – how can I move around in Tampere and reach the sports venues?

The EMG2023 pass allows you to move around Tampere in the city’s public transportation system free of charge. Tampere has great bus connections, local trains to the region’s outskirts and a state-of-the-art tram network in the city’s centre.


7. If I’m not an athlete, will I be allowed to take part in the sports events and side events?

Yes, you can take part as a caregiver or family member by paying the entry fee, which also covers the EMG2023-pass and a welcome gift. There is no entry fee for audience. 


8. What are the Covid19 guidelines in Finland? 

Please check the current Covid19 guidelines here! 


9. What is the nearest airport to Tampere? 

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is located at a 15km distance from the centre of Tampere. The airport has great connections to Central Europe by Air Baltic, for example.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is located in Finland’s capital region, 160km from Tampere. Hundreds of flights from all around the world arrive at the airport everyday. Tampere is easily accessible from Helsinki by a hassle-free public transportation system (not including the EMG2023-pass). 


10. What is the most common payment method in Finland?

Debit and credit cards are the preferred payment method in Finland. Some service providers only accept cashless payments now. So having a payment card with you in Finland is advisable. 


11. How do I register as team member?

The system asks you to “Create a new Team” or to “Join an existing Team”.

If you want to Create a new Team, choose the Age Group/Event after carefully reading the event specific rules and regulations from the Sports Guide. Type in your Team Code and Team Name and enter the e-mails of the teammates you wish to invite. You must then click on Add Yourself as Team Member, if you are going to play in the team yourself. Verify that your details are correct and proceed the process with OK.

If you have received an invitation for an existing Team, you can enter by choosing the Join-section. There you can search for your team (details can be found in your invitation e-mail). Proceed through the process by filling in the asked information and going to the next step by clicking OK at the bottom of the screen.


12. Do I need a photo for registration?

Yes. This is for the accreditation. You’ll receive an EMG2023 pass, that enables you to access your sports venues and to use the city’s public transportation, for free. The photo doesn’t have to be an official passport photo, a good clear selfie taken by your webcam or phone will do.

13. Do I need a visa to visit Finland?

From this website you can find whether you need a visa or not and valid visa fees. As well as how to apply
for a visa.  Read more! 

Please notice that even if you don´t need a visa to Finland, you need a valid passport or some other travel
document accepted by Finland. It must be valid for at least ninety days after your intended date of departure from the Schengen area. In addition, the passport or other travel document must have been issued no later than ten years ago.  Read more! 

14.What is the  policy on event participation considering the war in Ukraine?

In order to protect the integrity of EMG2023 and for the safety of all the participants, EMG2023 and City of Tampere do not invite or allow the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials in EMG2023 competition


15. Gift Card

Surprise your friend – order the gift card? Please click here!

The gift card can be used for participation fees with the gift amount.


16. Clean sport

European Masters Games 2023 is committed to the advancement of clean sport that rejects cheating through the use of prohibited substances and methods, in line with the International Masters Games Association (IMGA) Anti-Doping Rules. European Masters Games 2023 is working in partnership with Finland’s national anti-doping organisation, Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS (Suomen urheilun eettinen keskus, SUEK): EMG2023 Anti Doping Letter

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