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Apply to volunteer in EMG2023

Volunteer application for European Masters Games 2023 is now open!

In 2023 we will get to enjoy a grand sports jamboree in Tampere, when the fifth European Masters Games event arrives in Finland for the first time. The EMG2023 program includes almost 30 summer sports in which masters athletes will be competing for the championships between 26.6.-9.7.2023. The event is a true sports festival celebrating friendship and passion for sports, and inspiring growth in a wellness promoting sports community.

With this form you can apply to volunteer in the EMG central organisations’ general tasks. If you are interested in volunteering in specific disciplines, choose the task of ‘sports team’ and we will connect you with the club organising the sport in question. The clubs may also have their own volunteer applications.

You are eligible to volunteer, if you are 16+ years of age and highly motivated to participate in organising an international sports event. We expect proper, friendly behaviour and a can-do attitude from our volunteers. Some tasks may require special skills such as excellent English, technical skills or a driver’s licence.

We will be offering our volunteers a volunteer t-shirt, job experience, new friends, meals, free access to public transportation in the Tampere region, volunteer certificate and an international, sports-loving environment.

Personal information gathered in this form will be used only by the EMG2023 organiser and will not be forwarded to third parties. Changes in registration

    1. Basic information

    Special diet


    Availability before the event?

    Availability during the event (26.06. - 09.07.2023)*

    Choose the days when you are available for volunteering:

    2. Tasks I'm interested in*

    Customer Service

    You will be helping in the supporting events, both on the field and in the audience zone, that take place during the actual sports events. A can-do attitude and a social nature are required in this task.

    You will be guiding the audience and other participants in the event area. You will be able to help with a variety of questions and know where to get further information if needed. This task requires excellent customer service skills and an active attitude. You are also able to communicate both in Finnish and English.

    You will be assisting in the event's shopping area and/or during the ceremonies. You will need good language skills and an assertive attitude for this task.

    The task includes taking care of guests and interest groups during the event. Customer service and language skills are mandatory for this task.


    Driver's licence is required for this task.

    Area setup and cleaning team

    Area setup team works before and during the event in anything setup related, from field elements being finetuned to succesfully executing the general look for the EMG2023 and putting up signboards. After the event the setup team will also dissemble and clear the area.

    The cleaning team is in charge of keeping the event areas clean and ensuring one of the EMG2023 main values, environmental friendliness, is being followed.

    Security and emergency

    The security team is in charge of keeping the events safe in the audience zones. You may apply to the task with or without a security licence, but let us know in the application if you do have one.

    In traffic control you will be overseeing safe vehicular movement. You will also be assisting the audience in navigation.

    You will either be a part of a team or managing an emergency team in charge of the audience and sports zones. We value good English skills. Members of the emergency team must have valid first aid licencing.

    Communications and marketing

    You will be creating timely content in video, image and text formats in the EMG2023 social media channels during the event. Good knowledge of the basic elements of social media, editing skills and excellent written and spoken skills in Finnish and English are required for this task.

    You will be creating content (news, interviews) and translation materials (english-finnish-english) for the EMG2023 website. In this task you will get to report about anything that happens on and off the field. Excellent Finnish and English skills and a sharp pen are required for this task.

    You will be tasked with capturing the EMG2023 spirit in images both on and off the field.

    You will be in charge of display and sales of EMG2023 products.

    Administration and upkeep of the media centre is in your hands.

    Sports team

    Are you interested in volunteering in specific disciplines? Please note that you will be working with sports clubs, not headquarters. If you also want to work with the event organizer, please check that the event dates of the sports do not overlap with another volunteer works. We will connect you with the club organising your favorite disciplines.

    IT team

    You know information technology like your own pockets and want to assist the EMG2023 IT team in a variety of chores.

    Other tasks

    You will be escorting athletes chosen for doping testing to the test area. ADT testing team will brief you on the task. Escorts must be impartial to be able to take part in the task. You will be of same sex as the athletes you are escorting and at least 18 years of age.

    As a joker you will be helping wherever you are needed. You will help the event team based on your skills and save the day if necessary. As a joker you might working on different tasks everyday, but you will take up every task with a great level of enthusiasm and a smile on your face.

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