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European Masters Games 2023 -event attracts athlete registrations from over than 70 countries so far – registrations to continue until May-end


The international Masters multi-sports event European Masters Games 2023 arrives in Finland
for the first time from June 26th to July 9th. Some of the biggest Tampere sporting clubs have
joined the EMG2023 organisation in setting up the various events, which has made it possible
to include a whopping 29 sports ranging from individual to team sports and 20 different
venues all over the Pirkanmaa region in the Games programme. EMG2023 will be the
battleground for first-time events such as the Floorball Masters World Championships.
Handball teams will be fighting for the honour and title of European Champions.
The fifth edition of the EMG sports festival will be bringing together thousands of athletes
from all over the world and athletes from over than 70 countries so far have signed up for the event in
Tampere. Currently the average age of participating athletes is 54 years.

EMG2023 is about much more than just sports. Togetherness, promotion of wellness, shared
gala nights and all the other events apart from sports will make this a unique experience for
the athletes both in Tampere and elsewhere in Finland.

The common space for the event will be set up at the “Summer Oasis” at Tampere Central
Square, with the building of the official EMG2023 Market to make sure both Tampere locals
and the EMG guests will be able to enjoy the summer and the festival spirit. The extravagant
EMG2023 opening ceremony will also start at the Central Square, from where a parade of
athletes and other participants will march towards the Ratina Stadium. There the European
Masters Games 2023 event will be officially declared open by the IMGA president, former
pole vault World Record holder Sergey Bubka and the EMG2023 host Kaj Kunnas. A cappella
ensemble Rajaton, dance group Lunddance and gymnastics group Akron Taika will also be
taking the stage. The opening ceremony will be held on Tuesday, June 27th with free entry for
the EMG2023 participants and all the sports fans.

EMG2023 also has an impressive guest list of sporting legends arriving in Tampere. As
mentioned previously, Sergey Bubka, the six time pole vault World Champion, Olympic
winner and former World Record holder, is opening the event as the president of IMGA. The
legendary track and field athlete, a triple jump silver medalist from 1983 Helsinki World
Championships, Willie Banks will also arrive in Tampere once the athletics events kick off at
the Ratina Stadium. Finnish sports history will be represented at the EMG2023 festival by
such former olympic legends as Tapio Korjus and Pertti Karppinen. Renowned Finnish
athletes will also be competing in the sports events, as olympic medalist Mira Potkonen hops
onto the running tracks instead of a boxing ring, archery pioneer Anne Laurila sets her aim for
a Masters Champion title and professional pétanque player Wallu Valpio challenges his fellow
enthusiasts for a game of precision on the pétanque venue’s sandy surfaces. Pasi Laurén, the
Judo Masters World Champion and internationally famous Argentine tango dancer, will be
stepping on the Judo mats once again.

The European Masters Games 2023 sports festival welcomes all athletes above the age of 30
years, who are interested in active lifestyle, sports and wellness – individually or as a part of a
team. A single registration fee includes participation in three main disciplines, under which a
total of five sub disciplines can be signed up for.

By popular demand, the EMG2023 registrations will continue until the end of May. The last
day to sign up for the event will be Sunday, May 28th. Whether you’re at the very top of your
sport or an amateur athlete, you’re welcome to participate and compete in the event just as you

“It’s not about being the best. It’s about being the best you you can be.”

– Jens Holm, CEO IMGA

International Master Games Association (IMGA) owns the rights for European Masters
Games events and has granted the City of Tampere the right to organise the event as the
EMG2023 host.

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