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Handball might be a lesser-known sport in Finland, but those who play the game, play it with great heart


In summer 2023, Tampere will witness a great battle for the European Masters championship in handball during the European Masters Games 2023.

The handball clubs in Finland have been able to create a tight network in Finland’s handball community, a prime example of which is the seamless collaboration between Koovee Handball, Finnish Handball Association, Atlas Handball from Vantaa and Dynamo Riihimäki as the organisers of the handball event in EMG2023.

Handball is a fast and fascinating, eventful ball sport, and thus great fun to watch especially in the live audience. It’s easy to follow the game even with no prior knowledge about handball, with the speed and the spirit of the game captivating everyone in the audience. As a team sport, everyone on the court actively participates in taking the game forward, and thanks to frequent scoring in handball the audience gets to witness and experience a great number of monumental situations, standout individual performances and successes built by synergistic teamwork in just one match.

The rules of handball are easy and simple, and this is precisely why handball can offer everything to its fans: speed, spectacular throws, fair contact play, stunning offensives executed by the whole team in unison, eye-catching goals and rebuffs. There is lots of room for creativity on the court!

Handball might be a lesser-known and lesser-played game in Finland, but those who are involved in the game, have lots of passion for it and play with great heart – here in Tampere too!

Koovee Handball – For love of handball

The guiding principle in all of Koovee Handball operations, training and matches is that handball is for everyone. In Koovee, we respect the game and the opposing team, and especially our own teammates. We have a club that is easy to join, and in which everyone is allowed to get to know the sport and learn the tricks of handball as their own selves at their own pace.

Koovee Handball was founded less than 10 years ago, but we have already been able to offer unforgettable experiences with the world’s highest-scoring game to many experienced players and total beginners alike.

Atlas Handball Vantaa – a strong sports community

Atlas Handball is a traditional handball club from Western Vantaa with a great choice of teams for both junior and masters players. We operate at amateur and competitive levels, which means all newcomers will be able to easily find a team for themselves regardless of their age and previous experience with handball. Our club is for everyone, starting from toddlers in handball play school to senior players in the masters divisional teams and amateur teams consisting of the parents of our younger players. Building a strong sense of community in the club has always been a great priority for Atlas. Every member should get to feel important and central to the club’s blue heart.

We at Atlas strive to be a meaningful player in Vantaa and its neighbouring areas by providing versatile sports for people of all ages. The club offers high-quality coaching and a tight, family-centric community, in which open-mindedness, equality, respect to others and good manners are priorities. You’re always welcome to Atlas – it’s never too late to start handball!

The European Masters Championships are brought to you by fertile and smooth teamwork of several handball organisations – we welcome you to come watch, and experience, the grandeur of handball when different age groups battle for European championships. A sports festival doesn’t get better than this. See you next summer!

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