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Handball professionals Teemu Tamminen and Toni Aalto leads HK Pötsi towards the European Championship 


The European Masters Games is a sporting event which celebrates friendship and togetherness. Team HK Pötsi sets out to conquer the handball courts with a winning in mind, but with a good mood.                                            

HK PÖTSI team cherises friendship

The idea of HK PÖTSI started decades ago, when a group of Finnish Championship-level handball players wanted the games to remain in good spirits even after the top years. The group consists of several handball players who have played at the highest level in Finland, including Teemu Tamminen, 35, the number one scorer of the Riihimäki Cocs 2023 season.  The senior men’s team HK Pötsiläinen play in the 1st division. Toni Aalto, 43, now HK Pötsiläinen, has played in the main league for over 18 years and is pleased with the team’s current level of fitness:

–  “We’re one of the oldest in the league, but it’s nice to see that we’re fit enough to challenge younger players.”

HK pötsi
Team HK Pötsi

Teemu Tamminen strengthens HK Pötsi’s team at European Masters Games 2023 

A bunch of senior players, Team HK Pötsi, has long wanted to participate in the EMG event, but in terms of schedule this has not been possible. Now HK Pötsi has put the calendar in order and decided to win the European Championship in Tampere and they were among the first to announced their team for the event. A few additional players had to be recruited to the team,  and through old relationships HK Pötsi got in the team this year’s top scorer Teemu Tamminen. 

–  “What would be better than to compete with a good group of guys for European Championship medals. I’m looking forward to the feeling of an international event, but the goal is still to win”, says Tamminen gladly.

Riihimäen Cocks, Teemu Tamminen. Kuvaaja: Toivo Pekonen

Team HK Pötsi’s has decided to overnight together in Forenom’s apartment, which ensures that good team spirit and community spirit are maintained throughout the tournament. HK Pötsi takes European Championship games seriously, but Aalto admits that HK Pötsi’s game strategy is not built for morning matches. 

– “In morning games we don’t necessarily have the most alert feet in traffic”, Aalto laughs. 

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