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Craft is the official European Masters Games 2023 outfitter


Stylish on and off the field – Craft is making the European Masters Games 2023 in Tampere a dashing event with their high-quality sports colle...

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Tampereen yritys ry -for the love of cycling


Tampereen Yritys is a gymnastics and sports club founded in 1899. Currently, the club has a cycling, cross country skiing and exercise divisio...

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Memorable trips for our participants are offered by Elämys DMC


European Masters Games 2023 partners up with Elämys DMC! The immersion travel producer Elämys DMC is the new official partner of European Mast...

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EMG Volleyball clubs – Co-operation describes us the best!


Volleyball became an Olympic sport for both men and women in the Tokyo 1964 Olympics. It was the first women’s team sport in the Olympic...

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Ready to take off? airBaltic’s early bird campaign has arrived


airBaltic is the official European Masters Games 2023 airline and offers the best for EMG athletes! Buy the early bird tickets to Ta...

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airBaltic is the official European Masters Games 2023 airline


News about Tampere’s eventful super summer 2023 have been received with great enthusiasm at the airBaltic headquarters. Now, ai...

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Canoe Sprint – one of the most physically demanding endurance sports


Kaukajärvi Rowing and Canoeing Centre serves as a competition venue for canoe sprint. Lake Kaukajärvi is one of Tampere’s 160 lakes. The...

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European Masters Games 2023: Athletes from more than 40 countries


In summer 2023, we will get to enjoy a great sports jamboree hosted by Tampere, when the fifth European Masters Games event arrives in Finland...

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Handball might be a lesser-known sport in Finland, but those who play the game, play it with great heart


In summer 2023, Tampere will witness a great battle for the European Masters championship in handball during the European Masters Games 2023. ...

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Seigokan Tampere celebrates its 50th anniversary 2023!


Karate is a versatile sport, that can even evolve to a life style. One can do karate regardless of age, you can always train on your own level...

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Unique Taivalkoski Canoeing Center


Taivalkoski Canoeing Center with all the facilities is one of a kind in Finland. A roaring rapid in the middle of the town has been actively u...

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Basketball in Pyrintö – More than a 100-year-old club


People from toddlers to grandpas and grandmas have the opportunity to enjoy the game of shooting hoops in Tampereen Pyrintö, a multisport club...

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Welcome to Tampere, Finland’s city of judo!


The art of judo has ancestral traditions in medieval Japan where the samurai fought for life and death. Since then, the martial art has taken ...

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Archery – a sport for precision and accuracy


Archery must be one of the best known precision sports in history, if not the best known. We can only imagine how, after inventing the bow in ...

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EMG2023 BLOG: Traditional bow’s journey towards the EMG2023


Harri Verho – A club activist, analyser, developer, reliable, goal-oriented, a lifelong student of … life. Firstly an archery enthusiast who i...

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Ilves – The biggest football club in Finland


Ilves is the biggest football club in Finland with over 5000 players in total. The number of players is exceptional as Ilves is based in Tampe...

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Online registration for all the European Masters Games 2023 events is now officially open. Please read the terms and conditions befo...

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The Tampere Disc Golf Club’s home course is the magnificent


Tampere Disc Golf Club, Tampereen frisbeeseura in Finnish, is an active disc golfclub in city of Tampere. There are almost 400 members in our ...

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Tampere – City of Big Futsal Events


There is no better place to organize a big futsal event in Finland than in Tampere and by Ilves. Tampere has a great history in hosting many n...

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Beach Volley offers a unique EMG venue at Pyynikki beach


Beach Volley Tampere (BVT) was founded in 2004 to meet the needs of the beach volley aficionados in Tampere. At the time, there were no clubs ...

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Rocking shotgun shooting since 1879


Welcome to watch the amazing and fun shotgun shooting! Trap is a sport that is easy to follow, even for those who are not familiar with the sp...

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Registration fees have been published


Participations € Atlethes 200€ Team personnel 100€ Supporter 100€ Supporters under 7 years free Extra fees € Administration fee (from the age ...

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Tampere to host a major sports event in summer 2023


Tampere will become the center stage for international elite sports in 2023 when European Masters Games is organised for the first time in Fin...

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Sports & Disciplines now available


European Masters Games 2023 offers a diverse selection of sports. The program includes a whopping 29 different disciplines for athletes to com...

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Here we are – EMG2023


Welcome to the land of a thousand lakes, European Master Games in Tampere 26.6.-9.7.2023! There is still more than a year before showtime but ...

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Be an early bird – Book your accommodation soon!


In Tampere you are able to accommodate according to your wishes. Tampere offers a variety of suitable accommodation including hotels, cottages...

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