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John Liljelund, IFF secretary general, in aiming for the world championship in the masters Floorball series in EMG2023


The European Masters Games 2023 will be a real treat for volleyball players, as the event will see the first ever Masters World Championships as a prestigious competition.

Teams from all over Europe flocked to Tampere to compete for the World Championship title.

There will also be some real ambassadors for the game as the Pro Stars 50+ team will be joined by John “Pi” Liljelund, Secretary General of the International Floorball Federation (IFF).

– It’s great to have the prestigious competitions as part of such a big event. Of course, we still have to work hard to make this event concept known to the whole salibandy community,” said Liljelund.

Liljelund stresses that the essence of such events is to get to play against new age groups.

– Here at home we play against the same old guys season after season, so it’s great to get to meet some new players at an event like this. Of course, there could have been a few more teams participating, says Liljelund.

The Finnish team will see the true EMG2023 spirit as the players who met at the EMG event in Torino in 2019 teamed up with the Austrian players to form one team.

The World Salibandy Championship will be decided on Saturday 10:00-18:00 at TESC.

The semi-final places are up for grabs at the World Masters Floorball Championship. (C) Iiro Halén.

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