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Kaukajärvi Rowing and Canoeing Center

Kangasalantie 76, 33730 Tampere

Kaukajärvi Rowing and Canoeing Centre is one the best natural race tracks in the world, about 7 km east of the city centre. It has six lanes for rowers and nine for canoes. You can also play canoeing polo. The standard of the lane and timing equipment and other structures of the Centre are suitable for major international competitions.

Lake Kaukajärvi is a a freshwater lake and it extends to a length of 3 km. At its broadest it is about 800 m wide and at its deepest almost 30 m deep. The total surface area of the lake is around 1.5 km2. The competition lanes are in clear water without any currents. At the western end of the lake there is one platform for the launching and another platform for the landing.


Cafeteria will be open during EMG, and there are the changing rooms. In the immediate vicinity of the finisih line, there are seats for approximately 550 people and, in addition to that, other premises for the public with space for over 1,000 people.


The city buses 40A and 40 C drive from the center to the rowing and canoeing centre in 20 minutes. 


Coastal rowing is at Pyynikki beach.

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