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Kokkovuori Shooting Center

Pirkkalantie 1296, Lempäälä

The European Masters Games trap competition takes place at the Kokkovuori Shotgun Center. Kokkovuori Shotgun Center is located in Lempäälä near the Tampere-Pirkkala Airport. The venue is one of Finland’s largest clay target venues and offers excellent facilities and amenities for the competitors.


The venue offers six trap ranges, four skeet ranges and one compak sporting range. Finnish-made standard orange clay targets are used, and all ranges are equipped with Nasta clay target throwers. The OT ranges are equipped with the Progetti acoustic release system and manual scoreboards.


During PET and competition days cafeteria offers lunch, snacks and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. During training period (27th – 28th June) cafeteria offers snacks and bewerages.

There are two club buildings, one in the skeet area and one in the trap area. The trap range building has a cafeteria and toilets. In the trap competition office, there are also toilets and showers. In the skeet range building, there are toilets as well as a sauna and showers.  There are also tents for shooters to shelter from the weather during practice and competition.

Limited storage of shotguns will be available at the shooting range.

Ylöjärven Asetarvike Oy will be selling ammunition during training and competition at the venue. The prices and ammunitions will be specified later. If the shooter wants specific ammunition, please inform Pohjois-Hämeen Ampujat ry beforehand by email.

A gunsmith from Sako Ltd will be available on Friday 30 June and on Saturday 1 July.


There is no public transportation to the venue. The EMG organization arranges a free bus transportation from Tampere on competition days. On training days the bus transportation is also organised (payment). The bus schedule will be announced later.

The venue offers plenty of parking space. For campers and caravans there is electricity available during the event, if needed, please reserve by email from Pohjois-Hämeen Ampujat ry.


Airguns (air pistol and air rifle) competitions take place in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center.
For Customs Formalities / Temporary Import of Firearms and Ammunition information, please check the sport guide:


Maija Hoppu, puh. +35840 569 7262,
/ Pohjois-Hämeen Ampujat ry / Haulikkokerho

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