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Meet Sergey Bubka and other familiar faces at the EMG2023 Event Square


On Monday 3.7. at 06pm (18:00) there will be an actions at the Event Square in Central Square (Keskustori). 

Our host Kaj Kunnas interviews Sergey Bubka, Willie Banks, Mayor of Tampere Kalervo Kummola and Perttu Pesä, Event Director of the City of Tampere. 

Other familiar faces will also be there. We also look forward to seeing all of you athletes there to enjoy an evening together in the heart of Tampere. On the EMG2023 Event Square you can play games, enjoy the terrace and enjoy a summer evening with the other masters. #masterstogether 

You can also engrave your name on a medal at the event market for 6€ with approx. 20 letters. 

Place: Event Square, Central Square (Keskustori)
Time: 06pm 

*The event is subject to weather conditions. 

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