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Mika Pöyhölä

Mika Pöyhölä



Disciplinet (EMG):
Swimming and Javelin

What sports have you trained for in the past?
Volleyball, Swimming, Winter swimming, Athletics, Gym training, Camping

What has made you exercise even today? Describe your values, your own view on why every adult should exercise?
I’ve been playing sports/exercising since I was a little boy. As an adult, improving and maintaining your quality of life is one of the most important motivators.

Motto:One day at the time!

How would you like to encourage other people your age to bravely come to exercise?
Absolutely everyone should exercise according to their own resources, because it is fun and movement is medicine. Personally, I started swimming as a hobby and got into active swimming technique coaching at the age of 42. I still take technique courses.

What do you expect from EMG2023?
Good successes and a great race event.

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