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Morning Excercise

Morning Excercise

The City of Tampere’s sports services will wake your body up for a new day! Every weekday morning we offered free morning exercise at 9:00 am in Ratina’s Suvanto! Welcome to join us!


Tuesday 27.6. Asahi 9.00am

Wednesday 28.6. Jooga 9.00am

Thursday 29.6. Morning Wake-Up 9.00am

Friday 30.6. Asahi 9.00am


Monday 3.7. Jooga 9.00am

Tuesday 4.7. Aamujumppa 9.00am

Wednesday 5.7. Asahi 9.00am

Thursday 6.7. Jooga 9.00am

Friday 7.7. Aamujumppa 9.00am



  • Asahi is a Finnish mind-body health exercise. Asahi in an easy and efficient way of improving your health. Asahi movements are done standing at a slow tempo.


  • Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath and mind. Asanas are done both standing and sitting or lying on the mat, so you need your own platform.

Morning Wake-Up 

  • Let´s start our morning with cheery, all-round workout. Good vibes, happy music. Bring your own platform with you.

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