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Mustavuori Archery Center

Nokiantie 150, 33330 Tampere

The EMG target shooting competition will take place at Mustanvuori’s new archery range. The width of the field is 150 m, and there is room for approx. 280 competitors to shoot at a time. The theoretical maximum number of competitors in the EMG race is therefore 560. The surface of the field is artificial grass, so it is accessible for example with a wheelchair. There is a small grandstand at the back, where the public can watch the competition. In the competition, an electronic scorecard is used on every board, which allows for live score tracking in the Ianseo score service program, and the results are also visible on the television monitors in the contestants’ canopy.


There is a kiosk in the competition area where you can buy cold and hot drinks, snacks and a simple lunch. There is a water station where you can refill your bottle. Competitors have the opportunity to leave their equipment for overnight storage in the steel containers on the field. There is a night guard in the area during the competitions.


You can get to Mustavuori with public transportation by bus no. 15B (Nysse) or by car. It is approx. 300 m from the bus stop and parking lot to the competition area. Disabled parking is next to the field.


Field Archery competition center is in Sasi:

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