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Padel | TaTs offers brand new fields for EMG Padel players


Tampere Tennis Club (TaTS) was founded in 1909 and is thus one of the oldest tennis clubs in Finland. Today, TaTS is very vibrant and is one of the largest tennis clubs in Finland. Padel joined the club’s sports in 2022.



Padel is played as a doubles game, so sociability, gaming groups and various game events are an integral part of the sport culture. Padel is a fun and addictive sport, which develops ones mental and physical abilities and is suitable for almost everyone. 

Padel’s recreation and competition conditions are on the rise in Finland. In Finland, the sport can already be practiced extensively throughout the year and all over the country. 

EMG Padel tournaments 27.6.-30.6.2023.

Tampere Tennis Center 

The heart of Tampere Tennis Club is in the Tampere Tennis Center in Ruotula district. The tennis center was completed in 1979 as a four-court tennis hall. After multiple hall expansions, we can already talk about a multifunctional center for sports. Currently, the Tennis Center has 16 indoor tennis courts, as well as 12 outdoor tennis courts, three squash courts, 14 badminton courts, a multipurpose hall, a gym and a functional hall, facilities for table tennis and, most recently, six padel courts completed at the end of 2022. This variety of sports, as well as the increased number of courts, makes the Tennis Centre the largest sports center in the Nordic countries at the moment.

The padel tournaments of the European Masters Games will be played on these newly completed six full panorama courts at the Tampere Tennis Centre. We warmly welcome all competitors to the Tennis Center!

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