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How to get the most out of the participation fee?


Registration for EMG2023 is open only for 60 more days, which means that the event is approaching fast.

Registration for the event is open until the end of April. The EMG2023 price list is published on our website.

The entry fee entitles you to choose three main sports as well as a total of five disciplines from those selected main sports.

For example, Joe has decided to participate in his main sport of athletics, with javelin throwing and shot put as his disciplines. Since the participation fee allows it, Joe decides to go ahead and test his skills in swimming. Joe is encouraged and participates in swimming for the first time, choosing the 200m breaststroke as his discipline. Joe still has the opportunity to participate in one sport. He decides to try a pair or team sport instead of individual sports. Joe has never played beach volleyball other than with friends. However, he feels that he can also test his skills on the competitive level. He finds himself a partner from the IMGA player bank and participates in a beach volleyball tournament with his new partner from the player bank.

Joe has taken advantage of every euro of the participation fee.

Check out the wide range of sports and feel free to participate in new sports – or combine one of your main sports with two of your favorite sport hobbies.

Joe stays at a hotel in the city centre of Tampere, as he can reach every sports venue on foot, by bicycle or by free public transport.

Welcome to Tampere!

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