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Seigokan Tampere celebrates its 50th anniversary 2023!


Karate is a versatile sport, that can even evolve to a life style. One can do karate regardless of age, you can always train on your own level. Sports karate is a natural part of your karate career and can also be practioned in all age groups. Karate gives you physical and mental excersise. Traditional karate excercises helps, as we all know, to prevent memory disorders.

Seigokan is a karate club in Tampere. The club has exsisted for 50 years and is an institution in Finnish karate. As a part of our clubs 50 years anniversary we are the main organisers of karate in EMG2023.

Seigokan offers a possibility to train karate everyday with qualified instructors. You can train sports karate as well as traditional karate. All our intsructors have been educated through internal training courses and courses provided by the Finnish Karate Federation. Seigokan has a large and virile group of karatekas who has quit their actve career in karate. The group trains weekly and gather to special events during the yer. There are members who have been with the club since its birth.

Welcome to train karate with us!

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