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Squash – commonly known to be the healthiest sport in the world


Tampere Squash Club TSK is a squash club from the Finnish city of Tampere. In the past decades TSK has been one of the most prestigious and successful squash clubs in Finland both in competitive and amateur squash, and the activities organised for junior athletes. The greatest names of Finnish squash Tuula Myllyniemi (WR. 14) and Pentti Pekkanen (WR. 31) are both former TSK junior players and the most iconic players in the club’s history to date.

From the 1980s and 90s all the way to the noughties, TSK had several hundreds of active players. The competitive players represented the club in several league and divisional teams in a variety of series levels. The junior players were also offered a huge selection of activities to participate in. But today’s squash in Tampere is going through a slower phase. TSK still organises a club night every Saturday and the women’s team competes in the first division of women’s squash league. TSK women also participate in national events every now and then. The most loyal and active squash players keep always finding their way back to the squash court and TSK is excitedly keeping an eye out for the resurgence of squash in Tampere as padel enthusiasts are looking for a more physically demanding, faster-paced sport. The booking rate of squash courts looks very promising!

Tampere Squash Club has several decades of experience in organising finland’s biggest squash event, the Tampere Open. In the golden years of Finnish squash, everyone wanted to compete in the Tampere Open. In summer 2023, we get to yet again show our skill and expertise as a competitive organisation, as we will be offering international squash players the chance to compete in the European Masters Games 2023. The EMG2023 event will be bringing masters athletes from 30 different sports to Tampere.

So join us in enjoying a battle for championships at a truly international sports festival with the toughest of the racket games!

What is squash?

Studies show squash to be the healthiest type of sport, which is always played in good company — emphasis on the word ’good’. Squash is a diverse ball game, which helps in improving agility, coordination and stamina among other things. The squash court is more like a cubicle in which the players alternate in striking the ball onto the front wall of the court. The objective of the game is to hit the ball in such a way that the opponent is not able to play a valid return. The ball is allowed to bounce off the floor only once. Players may also hit the ball onto the front wall via the other three walls as long as the ball stays above the tin and below the out line.


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