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Taivalkoski Canoeing Center

Vaarantie 4, 93400 Taivalkoski

In the Taivalkoski canoeing center there will be own EMG-event accreditation office. The Taivalkoski canoeing centre is a versatile water sports centre. At the canoeing centre, you can do slalom canoeing, freestyle rowing, learn the basics of rowing, or go riverboarding.


There are the dressing rooms and saunas at the center. Situated at the village of Taivalkoski, the shops and restaurants are within walking distance.


Taivalkoski is situated 640 km from Tampere and EMG Games Center. The closest airports are at Kuusamo, Oulu and Rovaniemi. There is a train from Helsinki to Oulu, Rovaniemi and Kajaani. A bus goes on weekdays and weekends from Oulu or Kuusamo to Taivalkoski. Taivalkoski is particularly popular among those who drive, and it’s easy to get there via road no. 20 from Oulu or Kuusamo.  If you’re coming up from the south, along highway no. 5 (E63), the scenic lake drive no. 8400 will lead you straight to Taivalkoski.

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