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Tako Rowing club offers a breathtaking experience at EMG2023


Tako Rowing Club is the leading rowing club in Finland having garnered the most success and visibility throughout the years. We are making rowing a people’s sport, as we aim to help recreational athletes in Tampere, and all over Finland, to find the finesse of the discipline. We organize a great variety of big rowing events and smaller gatherings.

Our biggest annual event is the Tampere International Regatta in Kaukajärvi, where the stars of Finnish rowing and top rowers from neighboring countries compete in the official rowing track length and boats. The biggest event organized in the Kaukajärvi venue so far has been the 1995 World Rowing Championships. The Kaukajärvi Rowing Stadium is located at a natural, freshwater lake right next to the center of Tampere and its five-star tracks offer a blissful experience to all rowing enthusiasts.

Another big annual event is Pirkan Soutu at the center of Tampere, where about 1000 rowers battle for championships every year in the longer distances of Lake Pyhäjärvi. The routes are 25 – 35km in length. Many rowers opt for big, Finnish style 14-rower-boats, but some choose much smaller singles or doubles. Most are able to finish the race against the clock in about three hours, while others are taking part in the event just to have fun marveling at the spectacular scenery on leisurely snack breaks.

Looking forward to summer 2023

Even though the Finnish winter is long, cold and icy and we’re not able to go rowing in the natural waters, we continue training for our sport indoors with Concept 2 -type rowing machines. The indoor rowing room at our club house has machines for 35 rowers, which makes it perfect for team practice or group classes. During the winter season the rowing room is in continuous use and more than 10 000 annual visits keep the equipment warm and well-oiled.

As a club, we’ve been looking forward to summer 2023 when we yet again get to host a large international crowd of rowers at the first-class Kaukajärvi Rowing Stadium. Many might have even already been there in 1995 battling the best of the best in rowing. Now they have the chance – even if it is just for the fun of it – to come and stroll down the memory lane at the Masters level in EMG2023, where rowers of many ages and skill levels come together to enjoy the finesse of competitive rowing and the beautiful natural waters of Tampere.

In EMG2023, we are also for the very first time offering the option to compete in the rowing format Coastal, which will be taking place nearby Tampere city’s center at Pyynikki Beach and the bigger waves of Lake Pyhäjärvi.

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