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Tampere Stadium | Ratina | Games Center

Ratinan rantatie 1 33100 Tampere

Tampere Stadium in Ratina will be the Games Center of EMG-event, including the accredation office. Tampere Stadium has a high-quality facilities for athletics. The stands take 16,800 spectators, with 4,000 seats in the main stand. The Stadium also has pitch lighting that meets international requirements.

There is a 400-metre running track with eight lanes, Mondo surface. Pole vault and high jump venues are found at either end of the turf area. Venues for throwing sports are located at the western end. Venues for long jump and triple jump can be found between the home straight and the turf area. Training venues for long jump and sprint distances are at the upper level of the west end. Also at the upper end of the west end is the competition area for shot put.


Showers, toilets and dressing rooms are available. There is a cafeteria open during the event.  Located in the center, all the services (restaurants, shops etc) are within walking distance.


Tampere Stadium is easily reached with public transportation. There are no public parking spaces in the vicinity of the Stadium, and we recommend that you use the multi-storey car parks in the city center area.

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