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Finlayson and Tampella Areas

From the magnificent national heritage landscape of the Tammerkoski rapids you can find both operational industry and former industrial areas ingeniously converted into shops and restaurants.


Tampere Cathedral

This architecturally impressive Cathedral is a must see! Designed by Lars Sonck, it boasts impressive interior art including controversial frescoes by symbolist painter Hugo Simberg.

Museum Milavida

Museum Milavida is a unique museum in Tampere. Its main exhibition sheds light on the life of the Nottbecks, a truly cosmopolitan family who lived in Tampere. The museum also houses a fashion or design exhibition that changes every year. One ticket grants access to both exhibitions.

Amuri Museum of historic Housing

When and how did people use to live? Visit Tampere workers’ homes and learn the lifestories of
their fictional residents from a period of almost a century at the Amuri Museum of historic Housing.

Museum Centre Vapriikki

Many of Tampere’s museums are located at the fantastic Museum Centre Vapriikki, including the Natural History Museum, the Finnish Ice Hockey Museum, Mineral Museum, Media Museum Rupriikki, Postal Museum and the Finnish Museum of Games. Vapriikki hosts about a dozen permanent and temporary exhibitions each year.

Moomin Museum

The world’s only Moomin Museum is a place to discover the wit, wisdom, warmth and adventure of the Moomin stories loved by legions of fans all around the world. The museum, showcasing a collection of Tove Jansson’s original illustrations, is located at Tampere Hall.

Art Museums

Tampere Art Museum presents art-historical themes and phenomena related to Finnish and international contemporary art. The Sara Hildén Art Museum is the permanent home of the collection of modern art, Finnish and foreign, owned by the Sara Hildén Foundation. Both museums are definitely worth a visit.

Tampere Art Museum

Sara Hildén Art Museum

Tampere from Above

Would you like to know what Tampere looks like from above? Näsinneula Observation Tower is Tampere’s best-known landmark and the second highest observation tower in the Nordic Countries (168 metres). Moro Sky Bar at Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere and Restaurant Periscope also offer impressive views over the city.

Näsinneula Observation Tower

Moro Sky Bar

Restaurant Periscope

Sauna & Swim

Since Tampere is the sauna capital of the world, it would be a shame if you did not take part in this quintessentially Finnish tradition. Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma at Laukontori Market Place or Rajaportti sauna in Pispala, the oldest public sauna in Finland still in use, are both excellent options. Kaupinoja and Rauhaniemi saunas by lake Näsijärvi are also very popular. During the summer months, swimming in our beautiful lakes is also a great option. When in Tampere, your nearest lake is always just a bike ride away!

Kuuma Sauna & Restaurant

Rajaportti Sauna

Rauhaniemi Sauna 

Kaupinoja Sauna

Hiking in Tampere Region’s nature trails

Tampere Region offers trails for hiking for a few hours or a couple of days. Scroll down the page and explore nature trails in the surrounding area. Check out more! 

Doughnuts at Pyynikki Observation Tower

The best doughnuts in the universe with a view on the side! Pyynikki Observation Tower sits on top of the world’s tallest esker and is open daily.

Tampere Market Hall

From local, home-made dishes to delicious French cuisine and excellent sushi, there’s something for everyone at Tampere Market Hall. While you’re there, why not try our local specialty black sausage with lingonberry jam.

Tallipiha Stable Yards

Tallipiha Stable Yards was built for factory owner Wilhelm von Nottbeck’s horses and coachmen. The charming Russian style houses have now been restored to their original 1880’s appearance. Nowadays Tallipiha provides a charming shopping experience with its artisan boutiques and handmade chocolates.  

Shopping Centres

Ratina, the newest and the largest shopping centre in Tampere, offers an inviting combination of fashion, food, decoration and beauty and health services. If you can’t find what you are looking for at Ratina, try next door at Koskikeskus Shopping Centre.

Ratina shopping center

Koskikeskus shopping center

Särkänniemi Amusement Park

From the wildest roller-coasters to the classic Piggie Train, Särkänniemi Amusement Park is home to more than 30 rides for the whole family to enjoy. While you’re there, visit the Aquarium, the Planetarium, Sara Hildén Art Museum and the landmark Näsinneula Observation Tower! Go wild and read more about Särkänniemi! 

Roof Walk Finlayson Area – Experience Tampere from the Rooftops

Roof Walk is a unique experience that showcases Tampere from a completely new perspective. Finland’s only rooftop walking route, built on the roofs of historic buildings in the Finlayson area, offers magnificent views and a touch of history. As you admire the scenery, you’ll also hear historical and even surprising stories about Tampere. Roof Walk provides a lot to see and experience for both tourists and locals. The Roof walk last about an hour, and participants walk in a small group with a guide while securely with safety harnesses. The route follows walkways, so it doesn’t involve climbing or anything extreme. Reservations and additional information here.

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