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Tapio Korjus

Tapio Korjus


Principal of Kuortane Olympic Training Center | Director of the Coaching center | Chairman of the Olympic Champions Finland

Disciplinet (EMG):
Volunteering in Athletics (Javelin)

What sports have you trained for in the past?
“Multi-enthusiast”, as a child and adolescent I was engaged in: skiing, orienteering, athletics (from 10 games to shot put), swimming, shooting, baseball, basketball, volleyball and dancing (ballroom and social). However, javelin is always number one.

How do you excercise/move nowadays?
Golf in the summer, skiing in the winter and mountain biking all year around.

What has made you exercise even today? Describe your values, your own view on why every adult should exercise?
I enjoy the feeling of movement and embodiment. The day starts energetically when you do push-ups in the mornings. It is a civic duty to understand the body and its needs, and also to know various exercise skills, such as dancing or skiing.

“Just DO it!” I was a Nike athlete around the time of the Olympic victory, and that’s what I’ve been living with.

How would you like to encourage other people your age to bravely come to exercise?
You can fall in love with exercise, especially the feeling of movement and movement. I would go after that feeling of infatuation/falling in love and leave a smaller “when I have to” attitude. Seek to know love. Leave it lower with its “you have to” attitude. Have you experienced the “water on the skin”, you might like to go swimming? How to go for a walk with a friend? Playing on the ice? Through experience and pleasure, it improves health!

Your best sports memory?
25.9.1988 Olympia Seoul, victory throw.
An equally important memory when, at the age of 18, winning a rowing competition on the summer days of a local fishing club and watching was grandfathers and my own father.
Nowadays, important memories are the big moments of our own coaches.

What do you expect from EMG2023 competitions?

I look forward to joyful sports performances, self-defeating and enthusiastic athletes. In these competitions, a sense of love for the sport is conveyed.

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