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TeiskoTriathon organizes Triathlon with solid experience!



The TeiskoTriathlon event was first organized in 2013, when 10 specifically invited athletes participated in the competition. None of them had previously participated in a triathlon competition and the whole reason for organizing the competition was to gather competitive experience for the sport in question. A club was founded to organize the event, which naturally bore the same name as the event itself, i.e. TeiskoTriathlon ry. At that time and the following year, the competition venue was in the vicinity of Teisko Church, but as the popularity grew in 2015, the location was moved to its current place Maisansalo. The club has been organizing competitions since 2013 and its members have competed around the world for several years, wearing the club’s colors in competitions of various levels.

The club that organizes the European Masters Games triathlon, TeiskoTriathlon, is therefore an organization that has organized many events and guarantees a high-quality competition for everyone.

Maisansalo offers a great setting for triathlon

As a Triathlon venue, Maisansalo offers a great setting for the competition and the audience will also enjoy themselves there. Maisansalo is a scenic spot on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi in the northern part of Tampere, about 35km north of the city center.

The swimming part of the competition takes place in the Poljonlahti of Lake Näsijärvi, which is a sheltered cove, where the wind does not raise waves. The water temperature at the beginning of July annually ranges from 19 to 23C degrees, making the swimming pleasant. The cycling section is done on well-surfaced roads closed to other traffic and the running will take place on an interesting park-like route, with the support groups cheering, for example, from the restaurant’s terrace.

We look forward to the European Masters Games competitions and we welcome you all to Maisansalo!

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