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Tampereen yritys ry -for the love of cycling


Tampereen Yritys is a gymnastics and sports club founded in 1899. Currently, the club has a cycling, cross country skiing and exercise divisions. 

In cycling, we have been quite a successful club over the years, and especially between 1970 and 2005, our cyclists achieved good success in both national and international cycling competitions.

The Niemi brothers, who came from Pispala in Tampere, were successful in their time, and the brothers Tarmo and Tapio are still active participants of our club. Tapio Niemi is currently the chairman of our cycling division and will be the competition director of the EMG2023 cycling competitions. Jukka Vastaranta, a very successful cyclist also grew up in our club and represented Tampereen Yritys before moving onto professional cycling. 

Between 2000 and 2020, our cyclists have also represented Finland in several prestigious competitions, both at the European Championship and World Championship level, as well as at the European Olympic Games and the European Youth Olympic Festival. Every year, our cyclists have actively participated in large and somewhat smaller international cycling competitions around the world, so we have experience in international cycling events and their atmosphere.

Our club organized the 2009 EOYF cycling competition in Tampere, so we have experience in organizing large international competitions, which will be helpful in organizing EMG2023.

We warmly welcome you to Tampere to compete in MTB road and criterium competitions. 

Written by: Janna-Carla Niemi


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