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Unique Taivalkoski Canoeing Center


Taivalkoski Canoeing Center with all the facilities is one of a kind in Finland. A roaring rapid in the middle of the town has been actively used by white water paddlers since 2000. Modified natural rapid is equipped with a permanent canoe slalom course. The course has served as the stage for dozens of national and international competitions since the center was built. For example canoe slalom Finnish championsips has been arranged in Taivalkoski already 20 times.

Central location and park-like environment with all the facilities provides a great environment for training and competing. It is possible to adjust the flow of the course with the dam. In this way, the flow can be optimized according to needs.

Taivalkoski Melojat ry, which was founded in 2001, right after the preparation of the canoeing center, is responsible for the arrangements of the EMG canoe slalom competition. It can be said that the flow of the paddling center brought a small but actively functioning club to the community.

Taivalkosken Melojat and Taivalkoski Canoeing Center are waiting with excitement for next summer. EMG will be the largest and most international competition in the center’s history. We at Taivalkoski are sure that the competition will be successful in every way. Domestic and foreign visitors can enjoy great conditions, wonderful nature and the bright summer of Northern Finland. See you next summer in the land of the midnight sun!

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