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Wallu Valpio

Wallu Valpio


Media freelancer

Disciplinet (EMG):

Describe your values, your own view on why every adult should exercise Petanque?

Petankki on peli, jossa on eri ulottuvuuksia. On yksinpeliä, joukkuepelaamista. Jokainen uusi kisa on itsensä uudelleen löytämistä. Niin iloineen kuin suruineen.

Se on peli, jossa niin rakastuu, kuin välillä turhautuu itseensä, kun tajuaa kuinka vaikea peli loppujen lopuksi on. Pelin luonne. Yhteisöllisyys. Ulkoilma. Voittaminen.

Petanque is a game with different dimensions. That’s is solo play and team play. Every new competition is a rediscovery of myself -Both with joy and sorrow.

It’s a game where you both fall in love and sometimes get frustrated with yourself when you realize how difficult the game is in the end.

The nature of the game. Community spirit. Outdoor. Winning.


It’s never too late to practice more and play better.

How would you like to encourage other people your age to bravely come to exercise?

Well, I would say to those who are younger than me, just come boldly to play and learn. Take the pétanque scepter away from us old petanque parros.

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