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Welcome to the EMG2023 International Badminton Competition | Mansen Sulka


Mansen Sulka accepted the opportunity when asked to organise the badminton competition in the European Masters Games 2023 with lots of excitement. It’s an amazing opportunity to get to execute an international badminton masters tournament again. We at Mansen Sulka still have fond memories of organising the 2018 open Nordic Masters Badminton Championships. 239 players took part in the tournament, keeping us busy both during planning and the event itself. We arranged lots of entertainment and events for the guests off the badminton courts too, achieving a fantastic atmosphere in the tournament. This is why we wanted to take part in organising an international badminton competition again!

Tampere Tennis Center

Tampere Tennis Center offers a great space for masters level badminton. The center houses 14 badminton courts with flexible flooring which makes even longer matches a pleasant activity. There are also several sauna rooms and a restaurant offering refreshments during the tournament. There’s even an outdoors beer garden, where we are planning to entertain players and spectators after the matches on game days.

Mansen Sulka was founded in 2004. For a long time the club only had less than a hundred members, but systematical development of its organisation and activities started in 2015, when coaching for kids and junior players was first increased, after which the same was done for adult players. Since then the organisation has grown well, and by the end of 2022 there were already 339 members. This makes Mansen Sulka the fifth biggest badminton club in Finland, and the biggest one in inner Finland.


Tampere is a charming summer city. The continuously growing city is a stunning mix of modern architecture and history of an industrial city located amidst two great lakes and rapids, offering a variety of experiences in nature and big city’s cultural landscape – all of which we hopefully get to enjoy during beautiful, sunny summer days.

The badminton tournament is reason enough to come and visit the EMG 2023 in Tampere, but it’s also a worthwhile journey to get to know our lively city, where one can try and fall in love with all kinds of sports activities or just enjoy the peace and calm of the city that is still one with the nature. As long as all energy is brought on to the badminton courts! Welcome!

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