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World Masters Floorball Champions will be crowned in Tampere


European Masters Games 2023 takes place in the capital of ball sports, Tampere, where the multi-sport event will also include floorball. And this time, it’s nothing less than the world championship titles that the masters athletes will be competing for.

The Floorball competition will be held from 4th – 8th July at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, where women get to compete in 30+ and 40+ categories, while men’s options are 35+, 40+, 45+ and 50+.

Salibandy / Floorball
Photo: Esa Takalo

Organised by two of the biggest floorball clubs in Finland.

Koovee is one of the biggest floorball clubs in Finland, with over 20 teams for different age groups actively operating and playing in various league levels under SSBL. Koovee also offers various other club activities and has about 750 playing members. Koovee men’s floorball team represents the club at the second highest league level in 1-divisioona, while the Koovee women’s team plays at the highest tier of floorball for women in Finland, F-liiga. The club has also received “Star Club” honour marking from the Finnish Olympic Committee for its high-quality junior sports operations.

Another prestigious club from Tampere, Classic, is the other organiser. Classic solely focuses on the sport of floorball and is the club for almost a thousand junior floorball players. Classic has a total of 33 national Championship titles under its belt in the men’s and women’s leagues, and 31 medals in various junior series. Both men’s and women’s teams play at the highest league level in F-liiga.

Both clubs are excited to organise a fun, high-quality floorball event, and welcome all sports enthusiasts to come together to enjoy!

Sport for life – Welcome to Tampere!

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