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Sasintie 221, 39150 Hämeenkyrö

The locations for field archery tracks have been built in the Pirkanmaa Bowhunters (PJM) area in Sasi. PJM has at its disposal just over 60 hectares of land where 3D targets have normally been shot all year round. Now two brand new field archery tracks have been built for the EMG field archery competition in accordance with WA rules. On both tracks, 12 evaluated and 12 given distances are shot. All groups are using Scorekeeper and the competition will have live results that can be followed on Ianseo.

The first track is Kettukivenkangas. In the track there are targets built on the edges of an old particle pit, from where you can climb along the bench to the Kettukivenkangas itself. The track is somewhat less than 3 km, starting and ending at the competition center. The Patamontut track is about 3.5 km. As the name implies, the track has few funnels formed after the ice age, the edges of which have been exploited with targets. Both tracks are mainly covered with pine forests, providing protection from the sunshine.


The competition center offers shelter for equipments and a canteen where you can get drinks and snacks. Also toilets are available. On both tracks, approximately halfway through, there is a hydration point where a toilet,  water (free) and cold drinks from the canteen are available.


A free bus transportation is organized from Tampere, schedules will be published later. Please avoid using your own car, there is not enough parking space.


Target Archery competition center is in Mustavuori:

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