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Weightlifting’s oldest participant Albinas Vytautas Nauseda, 86, wowed at Nääshalli


In the weightlifting event, the oldest participant in the series had a medal-winning performance, as Lithuanian, 86-year-old Albinas Vytautas Nauseda snatch 26kg and clean and jerk 34kg for a total of 60kg and the win in his category. The crowd that gathered in the bowels of the Nääshall gave a rousing round of applause to the oldest participant in the competition.

– My life is a sport. I love to move. I used to set a record of 97kg, but it’s great that I can still be active in the sport and compete, says Nauseda.

Nauseda has toured masters competitions around the world. During his weightlifting career, the Latvian has competed in 15 European Championships and 14 World Championships in the masters series. Currently, his goal is to make the weightlifting “Hall of Fame” as the oldest weightlifter with the most competitions and to aim for the next World Masters Games.

– I have attended many many masters events. My goal is to get my name on a list that has toured every possible weightlifting competition, smiling Nauseda says.

Nauseda, who competed in the 55kg category, has a normal weekday training schedule that would dwarf the weekly rhythm of a slightly younger athlete.

– I love to practice. I currently train about 4 times a week. Weightlifting is a great sport when you can do it at a slightly older age, laughs Nauseda.

Maksimas Kolesnikovas, a Lithuanian of the younger generation who was Nauseda’s guardian, stresses that Nauseda is a truly respected masters athlete.

– He’s a real superhero for masters-age weightlifters, you saw how the crowd went wild when Nauseda was on stage.

86-year-old Albinas Vytautas Nauseda lifted 26kg and pushed 34kg for a total of 60kg (C) Tampereen Kameraseura

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